Gospel-Nets-banner-600w“And (Jesus) said to them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.’” (Matt. 4:19 ESV)

Every church needs certain things: the Bible, a pastor, a place to worship God. But new churches around the world don’t always have these things. Members might have to share a Bible because they don’t have enough. They might have to meet outside, in a tent or in someone’s house to worship God. They might not even have their own pastor to teach them about Jesus and His Word.

Help Cast Gospel Nets that Bring People to Jesus!

With your help, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod can help new churches around the world get the things they need to tell people about Jesus. Whether in Africa, South America or Asia, all churches need to be able to wash people with the waters of Holy Baptism, teach the Word of God so people believe and feed them with the Lord’s Supper. Together through your support of Gospel Nets, you can join your brothers and sisters in Christ around the world and be fishers of men!


gncross$5 can provide a Bible in another language

People need to be able to read and hear God’s saving Word in their own language.



gncrosses$25 can provide Sunday school materials

Children remember Bible stories better when teachers use pictures and activities.



gnbike$100 can provide bicycles to help pastors travel between churches

Bicycles make it easier for pastors to travel to many different villages to tell people about Jesus.



gnchurch$500+ can provide roofs for new church buildings

Churches around the world might be built out of mud or straw. They need roofs to protect people from the sun and the rain.



How you can help.

Gifts and offerings to the Gospel Nets project helps give Christians around the world the tools they need to grow in God’s Word and catch new disciples for Christ.

Send offerings to:
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
P.O. Box 66861
St. Louis, MO 63166-6861

You may also give now by going to the Gospel Nets online donation form.