Opened by Grace

Our Case Statement

“Opened By Grace”


“The women found the stone rolled away from the tomb.” Luke 24:2

Opened by Grace” is the theme for our capital stewardship campaign. Our theme verse is at the heart of God’s grace. Out of the place of grief and death God opens up to all people a future of resurrection and life!

Opened by grace to the Lord with praises for all He has done and shall do!

The ministry of Grace Lutheran Church begins with the means of grace, God’s Word and Sacraments. It began with bible study in people’s homes throughout Murfreesboro. It continues by God’s grace with a larger place for Bible study found at Hobgood School and worship was held at the Old Cumberland Presbyterian Church. In 1961 the Lord opened a new opportunity for a loan so that our church was built. We lift up our hearts and give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, mercy and grace that has sustained this congregation year after year.

The future shall also be by God’s grace. More baptisms. Many more times at the communion rail for the Lord’s Supper. Increasing spiritual growth through Sunday School, Bible studies, Junior High Confirmation, Adult Confirmation, and weekly worship services.

Our future extends beyond the walls of our buildings. Opened by grace: Bringing People to Christ by Bringing Christ to People! Just as the tomb was opened for all people Grace Lutheran will be opened physically and spiritually to our community. With the mission passion of those first families we see our need to be opened by God’s grace.

Opened by grace to the members and guests by increasing accessibility!

The women on the way to the tomb wondered about how the stone would be rolled away. What we often see as barriers is something God’s grace sees as opportunities.

The Building Planning Committee, working with the architect firm of Bauer/Askew, have identified several barriers. The most important is the front wall that needs to be replaced. Over the last few years we have looked at many options and have developed a 3 phase plan. The “Opened by Grace” capital stewardship campaign will address the need of phase 1 of the plan. The estimated cost for phase 1 is $414,000 to $595,000. Phase 1 includes:

  •  The restoration of the front wall of the sanctuary with glass cross.
  • New construction to the immediate sides of the current chancel (approximately 50 square feet)
  • Renovations to the existing chancel
  • Removal of the existing choir loft and renovation to the back entrance of the sanctuary.
  • Renovation of the nave to include new finishes, lighting and insulated windows.

Our “Opened by God’s Grace” capital stewardship campaign has Imagine goal of $400,000 an Impact goal of $500,000 and an Immeasurably More goal of $600,000. The congregation would potentially need to request a loan if we reach the imagine goal and would be able to pay for the entire project should God’s grace pour out in abundance and we reach the immeasurably more goal.

Each of us will be asked to consider making a sacrificial gift that is above and beyond our normal offerings for the next three years.

Opened by grace to the community and members by brightening this house of worship!

The open tomb made grace accessible to all people in the darkness of their sin. With the renovations planed in phase 1 our sanctuary will be more open and filled with greater light. Visitors will see the light of Christ in His Word and through the light of our new cross. As we are filled with Gospel light we will continue to carry that light back into our neighborhoods in the same way Grace Lutheran began.

Opened by grace to the community and members by becoming more welcoming!

We have the opportunity to be renewed by the power of the Gospel so that we bring Christ with us where we live, work, and play. When we invite people to come worship with us they will find that our sanctuary is a true reflection of who we are in Christ Jesus.

Phase One will be an opportunity to let the public know we are here and shall remain open by the grace of God. Construction may catch their eye but changes we are going to make reach for something more precious, their heart and soul. Opened by Grace describes more than a building project. Opened by grace describes us, the members of Grace Lutheran Church.

We are open to people coming to learn about the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. We are open to people learning about our faith, our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are open to people so that they may ask questions about The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, what we teach and believe.

Opened by Grace”, the world was never the same after that Easter morning. Dare we pray that through our capital stewardship campaign “Opened by Grace” that the community of Murfreesboro will never be the same!