Pastor’s Corner

From Your Pastor 

Give Thanks For What You Give To Others

We don’t always know how God is working through us but we know that God is  working through us.  God works through His people, bringing the light of Christ into the lives of the people around us.

Give thanks for your smile.  It shines in a community full of judgments and critical opinions.  To the person who is surrounded by dark clouds, grumpy people, your smile is like Florida sunshine in the midst of a North Dakota winter.  A smile can warm a heart and you’ve used very little energy doing it.  Sharing God’s love that is in your heart can make a difference for someone in need of a smile.

Give thanks for the gift of conversation.  When you see someone, pause, and visit with them.  A little bit of conversation with a person who is feeling invisible goes a long way in lifting up their heart.  It is way too easy to turn others into objects that are present only to meet your own needs.  God sees you.  Taking one minute more of your time to interact with someone is a way to let them know that they too are visible.

Give thanks that God knows everything and everyone.  We know that God works in wondrous ways.  He touches lives through our kindness, words of encouragement, and acts of service.  God knows what He wants to do.  Your heart and mind are to be available to God and intentional about living by faith.  You have the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding.  You have the unconditional love of God.  Your sins have been forgiven.  Your hope is in Christ.

You live among people who are overwhelmed by chaos.  Sometimes it feels as if there are more people who are ready to use others than there are people who care for           others. Your heart is free to love because God loves you and His love is in your heart. While the news is full of gloom and your faith is being questioned, you know that with Christ your hope is secure.


In Christ,

Pastor Wenck

Our mission: “Bringing People to Christ by Bringing Christ to People”