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After Christmas Sales

Shopping for Christmas may have led to many bargains.  However, sales do not end with the arrival of Christmas Day!  Many people are out shopping right after Christmas Day.  What are they looking for?  Lower prices on over-stocked items.  Great savings on seasonal items so they can have them on hand during December 2021.  One of the most common products bought after Christmas Day is wrapping paper.

For stores, all of these sale events are important to the profit margin for the year.  It also saves on cost of storage and makes inventory room available for new items.  Some supplies are usually on hand but each store may have inventory that changes throughout the year.  In keeping with the message of Christmas, not all storage capacity is about business.  What do we keep in our heart?

From January till December we go through daily life and our heart is being filled or drained by the cares of this world.  What draws a lot of our attention?  Seasonal sports?  Work?  Inside and outside activities?  Needs of family members?  Your own needs?  God works through the celebration of Christmas to fill your heart with Himself and your mind with His Word of truth.  Life and salvation is found in the Babe of the manger, Christ the Lord!

The message of Advent includes a call to confess that the heart and the mind has focused mainly on the temporal instead of the eternal.  After December, we change from buying to selling.  Instead of receiving and holding on to the Gospel, we are busy following the seasons of the world and getting rid of God’s gifts.  Our heart and mind is considered a limited storage space and our sinful nature wants to make room for the passions of the flesh.  In the coming months, there is the danger of putting all that God restores, renews, and fills us with at Christmas onto the “sale table” or “free to take”.

We sell the peace of Christ for a price far less than what God paid for it.  We inflate the price of forgiveness when we refuse to forgive others.  We give away hate and act as if the love of Jesus is out of stock.  We proclaim harsh judgments instead of grace and mercy through Christ.  We talk as if the warranty of God’s promises has expired.  The cold ways of sinful nature may freeze the warmth of Christmas.

As God’s people, let us avoid allowing our hearts and minds to change into the seasons of the darkness of sin.  Christmas reminded us that the Light of the world has come and we continue to shine now and for all eternity.

In Christ,

Pastor Wenck

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