President’s Hotline


We make plans for different things in our daily lives. We know “Monday’s    coming,” so we figure out what we need to do in the coming week. Maybe it’s plans related to work, family, or other things like a yearly wellness check, license plate renewal, or something like lunch with a friend or time spent with a loved one. Much of what we do lays groundwork for the future.

You are probably ahead of me now in my question of your plans for your eternal future. We make plans to retire at a given age, but life can change those plans on a moment’s notice. If we knew when we would die, we might make different decisions about how we use the time and our earthly treasurers. There is an  insurance policy established by our heavenly Father. The premium has been paid in full. We have eternal life now and in heaven we will have eternal life in full, body and soul. It is the earthly kinds of insurance and bills that are very  annoying. We do not doubt God’s plans for our salvation and eternal life. We find it somewhat challenging to find the path through this life.

At the August Board of Directors meeting we will listen to the usual reports from the board members and pastors, giving us an update of the church. We will hear about the condition of the congregation as well as the physical condition of the building and the various ministries within it. We will also begin the process of setting a budget for next year. This takes about three months and some long meetings but if we do our job correctly, we will lay the groundwork for the future of Grace Lutheran Church.

Blessings,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Butch Hahn