Trinity Hope - Haitian Feeding Program


We love our children in Maniche!  They live in the countryside near Les Cayes in the Sud District of Haiti.


Through Trinity/HOPE we are able to provide a noon meal for hungry children who attend the Lutheran School in Maniche, Haiti each school day.  Three times a year we receive letters, information and pictures of our students.27centmeal

Why do we participate in this mission outreach project?  Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world yet so close to the U.S.  Many of the children only eat one meal a day.  They love going to school to learn math, French, History and of the love of Jesus Christ but they can’t learn on empty stomachs. Just $0.27 provides a noon meal for a child.

The meals we provide are not only physical lifelines: they are a constant witness to the truth of the Good News of Jesus Christ being shared with them daily by their teachers and pastor.

Trinity/HOPE is a non-profit organization that raises money and administers programs to provide hot nutritious meals to the children, teachers and cooks in Christian schools in Haiti using established and successful processes since 1999.

To learn more about Trinity/HOPE visit their website at and Facebook at trinityhopehaiti.